Ciaboga is a marine navigation term in Spanish.
It means to split the engines and turn the ship around on its axis.
A metaphor for life, relying on yourself to turn your life around for the better. 


My name is Michelle Brener, and I am the founder of Ciaboga. I grew up swimming in the Caribbean and was always encouraged to stay away from the television and closer to the water, as both of my parents are boat captains in Venezuela. Fishing, snorkeling, and boating are part of my fondest memories as a child and therefore have inspired the subject of my artistic practices.

I graduated from the University of Miami with a Bachelor of Science in Communication focusing in the areas of Marketing & Design. I continued my education abroad, studying serigraphy in Florence, Italy, Oil Painting in Aix-en-Provence, France, Watercolour in Paros, Greece, and Ireland as well.  

Before starting Ciaboga, I worked as a graphic designer for CR-eate Studio, 3elevenMEDIA and Given London. John Frieda, PepsiCo, Miami City Ballet, Mercedes-Benz Corporate Run, Pfizer, and Airbnb are a few of the companies I have had the pleasure to design for. 

I am currently a full-time artist creating every day from my studio in Miami.


Ciaboga is a design studio focused on marine art. There is no particular practice done in the studio, all forms of art are welcome with the condition of being perfectly executed, elegant, and tasteful. The studio is divided into three categories: Interiors, Fine Art & Apparel. 


Ciaboga has worked with hotels worldwide. The work ethic implemented in the studio is to become 'one with the client' and execute all designs as initially presented. The customer's insight is the priority to create outstanding pieces and transform spaces. The only rule is the No Surprises Rule - meaning that your expectations will be met. Always. The team-oriented strategy has allowed creativity to flow effortlessly and every person that has worked with Ciaboga is now considered a friend. 

Fine Art

Something is being made every day at the studio. Fine art pieces created from all sorts of materials including ink, wine, beer & coffee.


On a more approachable matter, Ciaboga designs are available on T-Shirts and Performance shirts


I wouldn't be doing anything else. I put one-hundred percent of myself into this work, and the passion shows through the results. I have the privilege to wake up every day to do what I love. 

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